Mobile Home

Mobile Home

Owning a mobile home is a great option for someone who is looking to travel a lot or looking to live a more affordable lifestyle. For us, giving clients peace of mind in any home they chose is our top priority. While the Mobile Home Policy is similar to the Homeowners Policy, combining both liability and property policies into one package, there are distinct differences . The name mobile suggests “movable” and “on wheels”, meaning a mobile home is considered a depreciating asset. In most cases, if the mobile home was not manufactured in the last three years it will be valued on an Actual Cash Value basis (ACV) rather than on a Replacement Cost basis (RC). However, the personal property (the contents of the mobile home) can be insured on a Replacement Cost basis. Any partial losses (e.x. A kitchen fire where only the kitchen would need to be repaired and brought back to working order) can be insured on a replacement cost basis with a partial loss at replacement cost endorsement.

Why No Umbrella Quote Sheet

The reason we do not have an umbrella quote sheet is because normally you need to at least have an auto policy with a carrier before they will consider you for an umbrella. In some cases, some carriers require both a home and auto policy before they will consider offering an umbrella. That being said, here at Crown Point we do have a few options for stand-alone umbrella policies. Please call, text, or email to get more details.

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